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Menter Môn Project

Tech Tyfu Project is delivered and managed by Menter Môn.

Neuadd Y Dref Llangefni, Sgwar Bulkeley,
Ynys Môn
LL77 7L

Vertical Farming

Tech Tyfu Project


Welcome to the Tech Tyfu project! We are a vertical farming pilot project in Gwynedd and Ynys Môn delivered by Menter Môn, a non-profit social enterprise.

Using hydroponics, we are exploring the potential for controlled environment agriculture in the fresh foods supply chain across north Wales. Vertical farming involves hydroponics, which is a technique for growing crops using a reservoir of nutrient-rich solution which is pumped and recirculated, allowing growth without soil.

We believe vertical farming is an opportunity to help Wales adapt to post-Brexit challenges, and are in the process of building a team of innovative growers who see this potential too. This pivotal technology will become increasingly important in the food production of the future.

The project secured funding to purchase five vertical farms, and applications were invited from growers who wished to experience the use of this technology for free for one year. Applications to use a vertical farm for the 2021 growing season will be invited in February 2021.

New pioneer growers will have their chance to experience hydroponics and will inspire them to develop the technology in their own direction. We have created a skills-sharing forum, with growers exchanging their learning experiences and collaborating on supply chains.


While vertical farming might seem more familiar in urban contexts, it has in fact got significant potential for development in North Wales. In particular, existing farmers understand supply chains and markets for selling food, and often have access to agricultural buildings which can house vertical farming units. North Wales also boasts many high-end restaurants, benefiting to a large extent from the tourism industry, and as such creates a demand for high-value fruit and veg, which can be easily and efficiently grown through hydroponics.


Why vertical farming?

Hydroponics can use as little as 10% of the water used in conventional agriculture, and this increased water efficiency could allow crops to be grown successfully in times of drought, such as the summer of 2018, where Welsh farmers suffered serious losses. As the impact of climate change becomes more noticeable, more such periods of drought are highly likely in the near future. There will also be increased intensity of rainfall, which could lead to waterlogging and crop-losses from anoxic conditions. In the longer term, rising sea levels will reduce the land available for agriculture, which poses a real threat to our food security. Our scheme will help position food production in North Wales to be more resilient, and open another door for farmers, businesses and restaurants looking for strategic ways to diversify.

Tech Tyfu is a project delivered by Menter Môn. It has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.