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This project pioneers the use of vertical farming in the education system, and is working closely with schools and higher education institutions on Anglesey. The project involves supplying schools with vertical farming systems, complete with consumables and starter kits, seeds, growing substrates, pH/EC meters, buffers and nutrients. These systems are being used to deliver a variety of educational objectives and support the delivery of the curriculum in subjects such as Biology, Applied Science, Technology, Product Design and Catering. We offer schools support from our project staff, who deliver online support and a series of workshops, educational materials to support the new curriculum, our own specially designed information packs about the process of growing crops, and the presence of our staff at hand to collaborate with teachers to add value to the curriculum.

Tech Tyfu Twf offers schools the opportunity to involve students in a real life project in these learning areas, rather than on a more hypothetical or imaginary one. At present, there is a shortage of students moving into STEM subjects, ad Tech Tyfu Twf seeks to motivate and inspire pupils to aspire to STEM fields in the future. Curriculum for Wales has opened new opportunities for practical learning experiences, and vertical farming offers an engaging method to achieve the four purposes, offering a cross-curricular thematic context which embeds areas of learning and experience as well as the Digital Competency Framework.

Tech Tyfu Twf has received funding from the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) of the Welsh Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In addition to this, we have partnered with Menter Iaith Môn for this project, who will deliver workshops to assist students to record their Tech Tyfu journey through Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts,. They will also provide mentoring sessions on uploading work to Wicipedia Cymraeg. Llwyddo’n Lleol 2050 will deliver workshops discussing opportunities and aspirations amongst young people.