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Tech tyfu Scaleup - Scale to Success

Tech Tyfu Scale to Success will build on the successes, opportunities and results of the Tech Tyfu pilot scheme to embed vertical farming into the Welsh economy. It will pioneer the use of vertical farming and develop sustainable supply chains for vertically farmed produce in the region. Key crops have been identified and grown successfully which are of increasing demand in local restaurants but are not being grown commercially in the area. Funding will be used to develop what has been piloted in several key areas:

  1. Self-sustaining supply chains: Key crops identified from the pilot will be grown at larger, marketable quantities and more permanent supply chains will be established
  2. Collaboration with Coleg Glynllifon: In partnership with the college, vertical farms will be designed locally and students at the college will receive training in vertical farming methods. Innovative techniques pioneered through the pilot scheme will be developed into commercially viable methods
  3. Developing new brands: existing growers have pioneered brands which have the potential to grow and develop “critical mass” to allow them to self-sustain
  4. Partnerships with supply chain stakeholders will be developed to allow the scale of vertically farmed produce to meet specific market demands
  5. Studies will be carried out to identify opportunities, market trends, refine approaches and develop techniques, which will bring in wider partners such as the universities