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Our original venture into vertical farming, this ongoing project involves inviting applications from growers for a year’s use of one of our vertical farming units. As part of this project, we have three flood and drain systems and two NFT systems which a variety of growers in our group have been using successfully to grow produce for the local fresh food supply chain. Ongoing webinars, workshops and specialist support is provided to our growers to help them develop their skills and find supply chains for vertically farmed produce.


Applications to participate in this were invited from businesses and individuals alike, the goal being to allow growers the opportunity to develop skills using vertical farms, bypassing initial upfront costs which are often prohibitive. In this project, we have been piloting many different crops, methods, materials and techniques, and our subsequent projects have emerged from this groundwork. Tech Tyfu Peilot is still ongoing with an active growers group, with new participants in the side-lines ready to get stuck in. Tech Tyfu Peilot received funding from the Welsh Government Rural Development Fund (RDF 2014-2020)