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The Tech Tyfu innovation hub is the first major step to embedding vertical farming into the Welsh economy, and takes the form of a new facility at Menai Science Parc (M-Sparc) dedicated to developing and showcasing innovation in vertical farming.


The Tech Tyfu Hwb project seeks to overcome existing barriers to growing fresh produce in north Wales by developing supply chains, building skills, educating and informing the public, the farming community and professionals about vertical farming and the opportunities that it offers. 

The project showcases vertical farming technology at a commercial scale and offers space and resources for new and existing growers to pilot growing methods and test markets for new crops. Working with a variety of academic, industry and education partners, the Hwb is developing the role of IoT and automation in controlled environment agriculture, new approaches, methods and techniques as well as optimising and beta-testing new growing technology.


Tech Tyfu Hwb received funding from the Welsh Government’s Business, Innovation and Tourism Escalator Scheme (BITES).