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Food for thought

“Cnoi cil” gyda #TechTyfu “Food for thought” – Supporting Pupil Success with Vertical Research has long shown the positive effect of school gardening programmes

Growing Medium

“Cnoi cil” gyda #TechTyfu “Food for thought” – Growing medium To maximise the performance of Vertical Farming systems based on hydroponics, it is important

“Food for thought” – 3 crops for commercial vertical farming

Pea shoots, watercress & cereal grasses (wheat/barley) There is no shortage of options for fresh produce that can be grown hydroponically. Here, we highlight

Introduction to Microgreens

What are microgreens? Microgreens are a relatively new culinary trend of using small delicate salad leaves to elegantly garnish dishes. They have grown in

Reaching the Market

By Geraint Hughes “Cnoi cil” gyda #TechTyfu “Food for thought” – Reaching the Market Growing in a vertical farm is relatively straight forward. We

Pros and Cons of Hydroponics

By Geraint Hughes “Cnoi cil” gyda TechTyfu “Food for thought” – Advantages and drawbacks of hydroponics   Hydroponics is a technique for growing crops